Videos that Inspire Action

Drive funding, grow your audience, and share your mission with effective, engaging videos.

Video Production Studio helping Christian Nonprofits with Video Content for their Digital Fundraising Campaigns.

You have a mission. A dream. A vision you would die for.
Our passion is to help you share that with the world, and invite participation.

Grow Your Audience

Video is an effective tool for drawing people in.
Our customers have used our videos to help them grow their audience on social media, launch funding campaigns, and share more about who they are and what they do.

Share Your Mission... Easily

Video has been an effective tool for our customers to tee-off meetings, headline presentations and in networking with partners. They’ve shared with us how grateful they are to have something they can send at the push of a button that effectively shares their mission, answers common questions and encourages action.

Engaging Content

We rely on our years of expertise and passion for your success to see each project through. We’ll push all our skill and creativity to the limit in a dedicated pursuit of producing the best possible content for your needs.

Effective Messaging

We'll seek to ask great questions, and strive for a holistic understanding of your organization. Armed with this knowledge, our talented team will translate it into an engaging video that effectively communicates your vision.

Tell Your Story

Whether it's testimonials from the field, the experiences of your staff, or the history of your organization, you have a story (or maybe many) to tell. Let us use our talents and expertise to bring those stories to life for you.

Our Services


High quality video shoots using the latest camera tech.

Video Editing

Experienced video editors bring out the best in every story.

Motion Graphics

Skilled artists bring your ideas to life with engaging design and animation.

"About Us" videos.
Social posts. Campaign Content.
Explainers. Animations. Stories.

We are your solution for effective, high-quality video content production.

Greg C.

Sent Ones Network // ProMomProBaby

"I love working with Bannerlight because they are able to take your message and portray it clearly and creatively all the while keeping your target audience in mind. In my experience, that's a rare blend of ability and expertise.They have the uncanny ability to quickly discern what you want communicated and then use their expertise in motion graphics to grab the attention of your target group. They're on time and on budget.Anytime I have need of a graphic illustrator/motion graphics artist Bannerlight is always my first call. It's difficult to find people who are as dedicated to your project as you are but I've always found that to be true of them. You simply won't find someone as dedicated to getting your message out clearly and creatively as they are. Stop looking. You've found your motion graphics company."

Samantha V.

A Billion Dreams Fund

"I just wanted to let you know, we are all absolutely thrilled with the video - thank you so much for the meticulous care you took in incorporating our thoughts! We can’t wait to share this with our supporters, and we’re so excited for how well this communicates our vision. We really can’t thank you enough for putting your time and skills towards helping us do this!!
Thank you again..."

Get in touch with us!

John Baxter

Founder // Creative Director

I'm the founder and creative director for Bannerlight Film and Animation. I've spent the last 10 years as a creative in the digital marketing space, crafting video content for companies large and small alongside incredible teams. Some companies I've been privileged to work with are Brand USA, Workhuman, iHop and many others.Bannerlight was started out of a desire to help non-profits and missions organizations increase their impact and further their goals with today's most effective means of online outreach: video. My hope is that we grow to become a company that truly makes a difference for organizations that are doing some of the most important work there is.

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